Steve Jobs unveils 3G Iphone

After a very long period from the Iphone release, Steve jobs made an excellent effort on iphone 3g. The first thing which is still going into my mind is its cost. Steve Jobs is releasing iphone 3g for just 199$(8GB model).

Steve jobs entered the stage and spoke about enterprise applications for the iPhone and the importance of these to Apple's strategy, before announcing the 3G iPhone.

"Today we're introducing the iPhone 3G," Jobs told the assembled crowd. "We've learned so much with the first iPhone," he continued as he showed off the new iPhone, which is thinner at the edges with metal buttons on the side. It's the same screen, with a camera, a flush-headphone jack and improved audio.

Jobs said that when Apple set about figuring out its next challenges, "3G networking, as you might have heard, is that first challenge. Enterprise support is the second, third is third-party application support, fourth is international support... and fifth, as everybody wants an iPhone, but we need to make it more affordable."

Talking about the original launch almost a year ago, Jobs said: "It's widely believed that this is the phone that has changed phones forever." The thing Jobs said he really likes is that users love their iPhones, quoting 90 percent customer satisfaction numbers."

Ninety-eight percent of iPhone users are browsing, and 80 percent are using 10 or more features, he said. quoting sales of 6 million units to date.

Jobs compared the 3G iPhone to the Nokia N95 and Treo 750 - two other 3G phones - and said the 3G iPhone is 3.6X faster to download the same Web page. He said the 3G iPhone will 300 hours of standby time, improved talktime from eight hours to 10 hours on 2G talk time, and five hours of 3G talk time. Browsing should give five to six hours, video sevenhours, and audio 24 hours of battery life, he said.

Game on Iphone 3g:

Overview of Iphone 3g release:

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