aED-Dloader v4.4.3

Now with the help of aED-Dloader 4.4.3, you can download files from rapidshare. Its so simple. Compatible to all CLDC 1.0 / MIDP 2.0 All phones phones wc can use OM MOD 2.06 is expected also to be compatible with this application.


Auto Resume : If your download is interrupted it will auto resume not like in OM Mod where in you have to resume again your download (If Server supports Download Resume Only)

Resume anytime : with this you can download a file, stop download another file stop again turn of your phone then resume your 2nd and 1st download from where you stopped provided that you did not change the filename..

Last dowload link is saved so if you want to resume your download you dont have to retype the same link again.

DOWNLOAD aED-Dloader v4.4.3


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