Iphone 3G to India!!!!!!

As many of you people know that Apple released its Iphone 3G version, last month, Apple said they are going to release Iphone 3G in 70 countries in which India was listed. They released Iphone 3G on 11th July in main countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, US etc. But it was stated by Apple that they will release Iphone 3G on other countries later.
After much digging, we've got information on the official date for the India launch of the iPhone 3G. Vodafone officially said that it will release Iphone 3G on 18th AUGUST. There are rumors floating out that the price of the phone bundled with Vodafone will be around Rs 13,000 for the 8GB model.
You'll get more info about Iphone 3G from us as soon as we know.

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