Dual SIM handset from INTEX

INTEX launched IN5050 which is a dual SIM handset(CDMA/GSM). The shifting can be done without switching off the mobile. While receiving calls, the phone flashes from which SIM card the call is coming, along with other call details. The other 'duals' in the gadget include - Dual Stand By mode and Dual Speakers for a clear, high quality audio output.
The phone has MP3, MP4 player, FM-radio, 1.3 MP Camera, supports upto 2GB memory, MMS and WAP services. The phone book has a capacity of 1000 numbers and an SMS capacity up to 400.
The phone comes with 1GB memory card, extra battery, portable battery charger and it costs about Rs. 7200


san said...

can i use 2 gsm sim in the module ?

umesh said...

how can u use 2 gsm sim in a cdma & gsm mobile my friend

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