LG 10000 Launched for Reliance India mobile

LG has announced the launch of LG 10000 in association with Reliance India Mobile. This phone comes with a 2.8-inch external touch sensitive LCD as well as an internal display of the same size along with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Steve Koh, country head of LG CDMA elaborates, "This handset is the first of its kind from LG dedicated to our CDMA customers and is of special interest to their business needs. With features like the Full Touch screen, QWERTY Keypad, HTML enabled browser, Push & Pull Mail, it is the most ideal phone in this segment. We have launched the LG Voyager with similar features in the US markets. The LG 10000 is another addition in our endeavor to constantly evolve and give our customers in India the latest in technology, while keeping our products as user-friendly and attractive as possible.”

Features: Media Player(MPEG-4 playback), 2MP Camera, Video recorder, Extendable Memory Up to 8 GB as well as Office Mail applications for Corporate Mail Access (Push Mail through Microsoft Server, Pull Mail - IMAP and POP3). It also features a full HTML browser. Other media features include a voice recorder and dual stereo speakers. It also supports Bluetooth and external memory via microSD cards.


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