Motorola introduces three ROKR handsets

Motorola introduced three ROKR handsets-
ROKR EM30 - a candybar phone using Motorola’s ModeShift technology;
ROKR EM28 - a clamshell device with sonic features and touch-sensitive keys and
ROKR EM25 - a slider with FM radio sharing capabilities.


This handset is a colorful version of E8. It uses shift technology to illuminate the keyboard, blue for number keys and red for player controls. It comes with 2MP camera, 3.5mm headphone jack, FM with RDS, Windows Media Player 11. Other features of EM30 are its crystal talk technology, Stereo Bluetooth, Micro SD support.


This phone is of clamshell type as you can see it from the picture. Its design allows users to control their music using touch-sensitive keys that appear only when they’re needed. It comes with 1.3MP camera, radio with RDS, 3D surround sound, one can boost up the bass upto 9 decibels. Like all the new moto handsets, this also has crystal talk technology. The handset also comes with a 3.5mm earphone socket and broadcast recording as well as an innovative FMShare feature that allows users to share FM stations by sending a text message with the details. It has 1.8 inch 65k display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels.


This is a slider phone. It has SondID Technology like in Sony Ericsson TrackId feature, Radio with RDS and FMshare, 3.5mm earphone socket, Bluetooth with an A2DP profile, microSD card support and CrystalTalk technology. The EM25 comes with a 1.3MP camera.


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