Think Digit - No.1 tech magazine in India

Every one would be knowing about Think digit magazine. It is the famous digit magazine in India. The magazine gives you a lot of interesting informations. Like the magazine, think digit web site also provides you the information about the latest laptops, PCs, mobile phones, players, cameras, and more gadgets.

Knowing about a product before buying, is a must. Think digit site gives the reviews of various latest gadgets like PCs, mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras and many more.

Think digit website has been divided into groups as Product reviews, forum, videos etc. i POLL is a new entry to this group. It also has a category for downloading stuffs for free

If you want to buy or sell anything, you can go into the category called classifieds. There is also some introductory offer in the classifieds section as low cost advertising option for advertisers. It also offers some free classified ads.

Discussion Forum
section is one of the active section and vibrant tech community in think digit site. Many users, discuss their interesting things in the forum and many users ask their doubt regarding discussing subject. It covers various things like reviews, tutorials, gamerz section, etc.

You have a category called Tech Q&A. In this section, you can select the field of expertise and search for advisor for the answers for your questions. People who dont get an answer in forum section can try this one.

The site of think digit is easy to navigate and helps in gettings things for what you are searching. The site template looks fair, but its not that much attractive. I think it should have a professional look.

It is the site for a gadget lover, and for staying updated with the technology.

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