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Laptops are the emerging gadgets everywhere in India. In those days, most of the people where buying computers and now they have started buying laptops as the laptop prices has gone down. Laptop computers has more advantage over desktops. is a new website launched by the 9.9 Media group. Currently this site is for laptop purchasing. It is the best for comparing each and every laptop model available with any other available model. You can find a laptop according to your needs by selecting various parameters like brand, price, weight and screen size. Each model has been tested by digit test center and ratings are given in the scale of 0 to 100 and also in stars. You can search and select your laptop for your needs under laptop guru also. There is a basic buying guide for the customers who doesnt know that much about laptops, this will be very helpful for the customers, so that they can select the right laptop instead of buying an other laptop which totally disappoints the customer. Under new launches tab, you get the information about recently released laptops which can even be filtered through brands. Hot Deals shows the special offers available. It has the best customer care support. You have a separate customer care for each and every brand. You can even ask to the Team having in-depth experience in testing personal technology gadgets at the test center. News tab has the latest news about laptops. The site has been built up in a view of friendly user interface. The site gets loaded very quickly and the images used are very attractive. The site gives full satisfaction for the customers. Soon the other products will also be added in the site.

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