Personalized Nam's Bits Chocolate Chip Cookies

Personalized chocolate chip cookies are the most sweetest gift for any person. If it is a personalized gift, then it will have more value.You can customize everything, like you can change the size and type of the container. You get some label templates that are common from which you can choose for your occasion. You can change the font, colour, and many more. Even you can put your logo. The Nam's Bits cookies was created by Grandma Nammy who would make little cookie chunks to give to all her kids and grand-kids on special occasions. Nam’s Bits are sold in jars, bags, and paint cans. With a custom label and ribbon they are a classy personalized gift that won’t break the bank! Give them to clients, reps, customers, sponsors, or even use them as announcements. It is really amazing that we can customize every thing. This is good instead of buying a ready made cookies which would impress the person less than the Personalized Nam's Bits Chocolate Chip Cookies.
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