Consumer mate is one of the famous and well known online store for laptops and lcd/plasma tvs. It is a site that is been preferred by many online purchasers. They always update their site with new products, their prices and help the visitors in buying the best product for their requirements. Its been a grand success for the consumer mate site as it helps in all ways to get the right product for the right customer.
Consumer mate recently expanded itself by adding a new category of electronic gadget. They have added mobiles-phones to their online store. Mobile phones india market is been always focused by big manufacturing companies.
Now consumers can submit a request in the ASK US Section for a particular model and 2 to 3 vendors in the city will contact them with the best price offers for the products selected or mentioned in the message. It will help consumers in getting the best prices and deals from different vendors.

The Consumer can know about the latest technology through the Know the Basics, Mobile Buying Guide, mobile guru sections, and hot deals.

Consumer mate also has digit test centre where the products is been tested. Like for the other products ie., laptops, SLR Digital camera, lcd tvs, mobile phone category offers consumer to select the mobile phone as per the consumers likings. Consumers can also compare mobile phones for the easy review.

Risk of buying mobiles through online is been decresed by consumer mate as they offer tested product through Digit Test centre which is India's No. 1 Research Lab.


restry said...

such a nice phone :D.. if i could get the phone as mine, it would be nice :D

XBoxDardrive said...

I think these handsets are going to be a very good buy and a huge technology improved products from LG...known for their durable products at a reasonable price these are going to do well.

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