Nuance announces Talks 5.0 for S60 phones

Nuance Communications announced the availability of Nuance TALKS 5.0 for Series 60 5th edition touchscreen phones. With 20 languages supports, the software converts displayed text on a handset into voice speech for blind or visually impaired mobile consumers.

Other than text messages, the Nuance TALKS 5.0 also supports contact directories, caller ID, Web browsers, and other applications like Fring messaging application. It also features a new exploration mode that allows users to simply slide their finger across the screen to hear menus, applications, widgets, text, and more via Nuance’s robust text-to-speech capabilities. To access content, users just tap anywhere or slide their finger on the screen. The software also enables use of the virtual keypad by sliding their finger across it, and tapping once to emulate a keystroke. Additionally, Nuance TALKS 5.0 allows users to navigate all menu and application options with one hand by using the volume keys located on the side of the device, further increasing accessibility while on the go.

Source Slashphone
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