Monday, March 28, 2011

4G and the Future for Mobile Broadband Technology

With the steep competition surrounding the mobile industry it is no wonder that companies have begun to nip at each other's throats. Every mobile phone provider has a new term or piece of technology to outdo the other and earn that slightly larger piece of the market. One of the newest and most heavily used terms is now 4G technology. Spencer Hogg from UK mobile broadband website Broadband Expert gives us a rundown of what to expect with 4G.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Apple launches iPad2

Apple launched the iPad 2 last week with more modifications and upgrades(at the same price of iPad 1). The iPad 2 will come in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models. There's AirPlay and AirPrint, which lets users stream media and print documents wirelessly. Also, FaceTime makes its first appearance on the tablet ,so you can video chat using an iPad 2 as well.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Consumermate adds up two new categories - MP3 & Tablet

Consumer mate is one of the famous and well known online store for laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras and lcd/plasma TVs till yesterday, now they have added up two more categories i.e., mp3 and tablet. I can surely tell this site is one of the fastest growing online electronic store in India. It is a site that is been preferred by many online purchasers. Its been a grand success for the consumer mate site as it helps in all ways to get the right product for the right customer. is an expert buying advice for personal technology gadgets. The portal helps buyers in making informed buying decisions. Recently, they have added two more shelves to their store for mp3 and tablet. Others are Laptops, Mobiles, LCD/Plasma TVs, Digital Cameras and Camcorders. The portal is unique in its segment for the quality of in-depth content it imparts through features like Expert ratings and reviews, Consumer Support, Expert Solutions, User reviews, compare models, and interactive guide as Guru Gyan. Consumermate helps Consumers buy what best suits them with least pain, and on best terms by providing them unbiased and in-depth insight about the products. has broaden its products to mp3 and tablet. It constitutes of latest mp3 players India and tablet India. Its has all top brands, and like all the other products, these product also features, ask us, digit test centre, hot deals, new launches, etc.

Consumer mate has also launched the all new user review online contest for users who has the chance of winning digital cameras and pen drives by participating in the contest.

Regarding Digit, It is the No. 1 Technology magazine that has launched its shopping portal, shop online, offering you: plethora of technology gadgets to choose from, Deep discount hot deals and convenient and secure shopping at the click of a mouse.

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