Ovi Maps 3D is much better than Google Maps

Ovi Maps 3D is now enhanced with C3 Technologies. It took hardware originally used in missile guidance systems and adapted it to photography to capture extremely accurate 3D images. The company has partnered with Nokia to deliver the first usable version of its mapping data with Ovi Maps 3D, which currently features 20 cities waiting to be panned and zoomed through in three dimensions.

C3’s planes are outfitted with DSLRs, capturing overlapping images to produce complete 3D images. All those pictures are then processed through custom machine-vision software to gauge the depth of the 3D and assemble the map data.

Images viewed in Ovi Maps, are more detailed than that of the Google Earth. And since C3’s already partnered with Nokia, this mapping software could make its way to Windows Phone 7 at some point.


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