Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Windows phone 7.8 Custome ROMs available in XDA

Windows Phone 7.8 Custom ROMs are present in the below link for the below listed phones. But Everyone knows that its not safe to install Custom ROMs into our Windows phone. Some people may try it just to satisfy their Windows phone 7.8 hunger. But its not safe for your phone, as it is not an official update directly from your manufacturer.

Samsung Omnia 7
Samsung Focus
HTC Titan
HTC Mozart
HTC Surround
Nokia Lumia 710

Follow the below link for the ROMs

There are a lot of news floating about Windows phone 7.8 and rumours say, it might be released this week, and there is no official announcement of the launch date of Windows phone 7.8 from the Microsoft yet. We expect that the update will be present for all the Windows phone 7.5 users. Windows phone users need to wait for few more weeks to have Windows phone 7.8.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 launch is coming!

According to Winp.cn, Microsoft is about to begin a worldwide launch for Windows Phone 7.8. The upgrade will take in different regions worldwide and the date will vary with the region. The update type will be similar to that of 7.5 update.

Rumours say that Windows phone 7.8 will be officially launched worldwide in the late November and the update would be available withing three to six weeks from the launch.

The below updates might be received for Nokia Lumians,
1. fresh start screen , bring Windows Phone 8 similar look and feel, so refreshing
2. Ringtone Maker application allows you to create your own personality ringtones
3. Contact sharing application will be updated addition to SMS, e-mail channels, you will be able to share contacts via Bluetooth
4. Bluetooth File Transfer lets you use Bluetooth, Lumia phone file transfer to other media phone
5. In the above features, the Nokia Windows Phone 7.8 update will launch a variety of exclusive Lumia applications
6. urban kaleidoscope (City Lens) let users more intuitive discovery location and upcoming Lumia exclusive camera aids and 
7. Nokia Counters (traffic monitoring).

But there are lot more Windows phone 7.5 users of Samsung, HTC, LG.
Already, we got some news like, LG Optimus won't be getting Windows phone 7.8 update (from LG Poland). This news is scaring all other Windows phone 7.5 users like Omnia, HTC radar etc. 
Everything here are just rumours and we are yet to get official news from Microsoft about Windows phone 7.8 update. We will just wait until Microsoft opens their mouth.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

More News on Windows Phone 7.8

A 25-page leaked Nokia document that largely already known information on each Nokia features (bus & train, external playback, share contacts, etc.) included. Interesting but is a Windows Phone (Update) timeline, which is also part of this document.
The above graphic to be seen can be seen first of all that Windows Phone 7.8 will be released in any case before the next Windows Phone 8 updates. But it might even be considered the most pessimistic among us. However, beyond the last rectangle in the bottom row stab (right of "Windows Phone 7.8 refresh") in the eye. May be inferred from this that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be other version numbers refer to "Windows Phone 7.x". 
Accordingly, plans at least Nokia's own Windows phones to provide you with further updates, although they will not receive an update to Windows Phone 8th That this is not "just" app updates, can be derived from the separate identification of these as "Nokia Extras".
course we can not say how much can be built on this document. What is certain is that it comes from Nokia and the Finnish company would like to provide information to the course of Windows Phone updates in the past and for the future.

Updated release details:
From WParea.de,
"If the information really true that the update of the RTM status, then the update will not appear safe in the coming days, but all too far away it will not be. But even if the rolling out, will be quick to be the first devices to receive the update at the earliest probably in December and most will probably get Windows Phone 7.8 until next year. More likely, however, that the update until next year appears. In any case, we can not yet expect the update in November."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Windows phone 7.8 features and release date

Windows Phone 7.8 new features leaked in the Nokia training materials


Windows Phone 7.8 new features

The screenshot shows the Nokia internal training materials, mentioned about the difference between Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8, compared with Windows Phone 8 system

1. New start screen (three different sizes of Live Tiles change)
2. Increase put inadvertently Screen security lock function
3. 20 theme color
4. IE browser security upgrades
5. Supports editing MP3 music files as ringtones
6. Support lock screen set to Bing wallpaper and so on. 
7. Support Bluetooth to share multimedia files (DRM-protected)
8. Contacts transfer / sharing application upgrade.

More details about the 7.8 features can be found in this site: http://winp.cn/portalthread-99866-1-1.html

Windows Phone 7.8 Release date

Now, Windows Phone Brazil (official Twitter account), has responded to a question about that update to current Windows Phones.  The answer is that the 7.8 update is expected for Brazil in Q1 2013, which sounds about right to us (and is vague enough to leave some wiggle room).

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