Windows phone 7.8 features and release date

Windows Phone 7.8 new features leaked in the Nokia training materials


Windows Phone 7.8 new features

The screenshot shows the Nokia internal training materials, mentioned about the difference between Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8, compared with Windows Phone 8 system

1. New start screen (three different sizes of Live Tiles change)
2. Increase put inadvertently Screen security lock function
3. 20 theme color
4. IE browser security upgrades
5. Supports editing MP3 music files as ringtones
6. Support lock screen set to Bing wallpaper and so on. 
7. Support Bluetooth to share multimedia files (DRM-protected)
8. Contacts transfer / sharing application upgrade.

More details about the 7.8 features can be found in this site:

Windows Phone 7.8 Release date

Now, Windows Phone Brazil (official Twitter account), has responded to a question about that update to current Windows Phones.  The answer is that the 7.8 update is expected for Brazil in Q1 2013, which sounds about right to us (and is vague enough to leave some wiggle room).

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