Windows Phone 7.8 launch is coming!

According to, Microsoft is about to begin a worldwide launch for Windows Phone 7.8. The upgrade will take in different regions worldwide and the date will vary with the region. The update type will be similar to that of 7.5 update.

Rumours say that Windows phone 7.8 will be officially launched worldwide in the late November and the update would be available withing three to six weeks from the launch.

The below updates might be received for Nokia Lumians,
1. fresh start screen , bring Windows Phone 8 similar look and feel, so refreshing
2. Ringtone Maker application allows you to create your own personality ringtones
3. Contact sharing application will be updated addition to SMS, e-mail channels, you will be able to share contacts via Bluetooth
4. Bluetooth File Transfer lets you use Bluetooth, Lumia phone file transfer to other media phone
5. In the above features, the Nokia Windows Phone 7.8 update will launch a variety of exclusive Lumia applications
6. urban kaleidoscope (City Lens) let users more intuitive discovery location and upcoming Lumia exclusive camera aids and 
7. Nokia Counters (traffic monitoring).

But there are lot more Windows phone 7.5 users of Samsung, HTC, LG.
Already, we got some news like, LG Optimus won't be getting Windows phone 7.8 update (from LG Poland). This news is scaring all other Windows phone 7.5 users like Omnia, HTC radar etc. 
Everything here are just rumours and we are yet to get official news from Microsoft about Windows phone 7.8 update. We will just wait until Microsoft opens their mouth.


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