Windows phone 7.8 is not officially released: by Nokia

Nokia has communicated with morning to let you know that the Windows Phone 7.8 update has not yet been officially released. Those who have already received the update feature in Nokia is on a pre-production unit of Nokia.
Yesterday we reported on the fact that the Windows Phone 7.8 update available for the Nokia Lumia 800. It now appears, however, those were test specimens for developers and media. Nokia brings the update in all probability in order to detect possible bugs. It is therefore likely that the version will be released early next year and will be able to download a higher version number which can have some bug fixes.
Spokeswoman Stella Jansen says here that they respond differently because people are disappointed that they have not received the update. The update will be early next year through Zune available for regular Lumia phones. Users will get to see the message when they connect their phone to the computer.
Lets wait and watch.

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