Saturday, July 5, 2014

Motorola India rolling out Kitkat 4.4.4 to Moto E, G & X phones

Motorola has announced via Twitter that it has started rolling out Android 4.4.4 update for the Moto X, Moto G and Moto E smartphones in the Indian market.
The update is being released in phases, so not everyone will get the update right-away but it should reach your Motorola phone in the coming days. As soon as the update is available for your phone, you will get a notification, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
You can also manually check for the update by going to Settings > About Phone < Software update.

According to Motorola, the update will include several stability, framework and security fixes as well as new phone dialler and OpenSSL-related fixes.
If you have already updated your Motorola smartphone, do let us know about the experience in comments.

Moto E: The cheapest awesome phone review

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

LG G watch will be in India from July 8

Last week, Google launched its set of wearables, Samsung live gear, Lg G watch and the Moto 360. Except the moto 360, the other two smart watches are available in India.

For LG G watch, you can order now for Rs. 14999 and it will be delivered on July 8 (only if you order now).

But for Samsung Gear Live delivery date is uncertain as they have badged it with 'Coming Soon' with price tag of Rs. 15900. Its really amazing to see that Google has considered India as among the top priority countries for new device launches.

Play store Android Gear devices link below

Monday, June 30, 2014

Updated: Flipkart DigiFlip tablet OS can be upgraded

Hello Readers,

After the below mentioned, Flipkart contacted our team and said that the OS will be upgraded in future.

Greetings from Flipkart!Product : Digiflip Pro XT 712 TabletThis email is with regards to your query about "Digiflip Pro XT 712 Tablet".We would like to update the requested information in this email."With regards to your query we would like to inform you that an OS of the above mnetioned product can be upgraded".Please refer the below link for more details and can place an order for the same.Link:
Hello readers,

The newly launched digiflip tablet which is priced around Rs 10K has Jelly bean OS. We contacted the support team about the OS upgrade plan and we found out that, it cannot be upgraded. Please check the below mail which was recieved from Flipkart team.
Dear Customer,
Greetings from Flipkart!
Product : Digiflip Pro XT 712 Tablet
Thank you for your interest in buying from us.
We are happy you have chosen to shop with With regards to your query, we would like to inform you that the above mentioned product has Android v4.2.2 and it cannot be upgraded to 4.4
Please refer the below link for more details and can place an order for the same.
We hope this information is helpful.
If there’s anything else you need assistance with feel free to get back to us.
Looking forward to your business.
Have a great day!

This information is also not present in the Flipkart specs sheet. So I hope this would be useful for the readers who are going to buy the tablet. If there are any information that seems to be incorrect, please post it in the comments. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flipkart announces cheap Android 7 inch 3G tablets for Rs.9999

Hello Readers, I am posting this blog after a long time and here is your bite.
Flipkart's own brand Digiflip announces its set of tables for sub Rs10,000. The features that this tablet has got for this price range is impressive and goes head on head with samsung galaxy tab neo, hp slate, lenovo which are all priced in the range of Rs 15K. You can buy the tablet from this link.
DigiFlip Pro
Below are the list of major features of this tablet. 
  • 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 3G -WiFi-Dual SIM
  • 7-Inch with 221 ppi
  • 5MP Rear and 2MP Front facing camera
  • Full HD Video Recording
The tablet comes in two colors, white and black. You can check out both the colors in the mentioned link. The tablet also comes with lot of offers for the launch day including Free Shopping worth Rs. 5300 on Flipkart.

This might go straight facing with the Micromax tablets but for now, We have to look for the build quality and the performance of the tablet for knowing its reliability. If this tablet gets a good feedback, then it is going to be a huge success in Indian market. But still there is a major drawback in the tablet as does not offer kitkat version. We are not sure whether it is up-gradable and nothing is mentioned in the Flipkart site as well. We have contacted the Flipkart team about this and got no response. 

- Sub Rs 10000
- Can expect better after sales service
- Good Specs for this price range

- No information about the OS upgrade factor
- New Brand and need to check its reliability

Click on read more to view the specifications

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