Google updates Google Maps for mobile

Released for Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile phones, Google has updated its Google Maps for Mobile with version 3.2. The new version allows you to add many layers of information to your maps such as public transit, traffic condition, local search results, Latitude friend locations, Wikipedia and more.

New features

Layers ('2' shortcut key) allow you to view locations and additional info overlaid on the map. You can add multiple layers or remove only certain layers so you control exactly what information you want visible on the map at the same time. Familiar info now available as layers include search results, Traffic (with new traffic incident icons and info), Directions, and Google Latitude. New available layers include My Maps (view-only), Transit lines (w/upcoming station departure info where available), and Wikipedia.

Browse categories

Browse popular categories from the Search menu to search the map for businesses or points of interest by type. Category searches are currently available only for results in the US and China.

Additional search results

When you search the map, Maps for mobile will now show you additional search results beyond the top ten results. The additional results will appear as "dots" on the map that you can select to see more info. As you pan the map, more search results will appear. Just zoom in to select a specific dot if there are lots of results for your search.

My Maps
Add the My Maps layer from the Layers menu and sign in to your Google Account to access your custom My Maps created and edited from your computer. My Maps are currently view-only from Google Maps for mobile. You cannot create or edit your My Maps.

Fixed issues

Symbian S60
E61, E61i, and E62 devices: Shortcut keys work properly using the standard numeric shortcuts. Previously, shortcut keys were not working as intended on these devices.

Windows Mobile

Copy and paste has been re-enabled for most text entry fields (Search, directions, and user name)

Google has given this update as a release note. Download Google Maps from

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