More News on Windows Phone 7.8

A 25-page leaked Nokia document that largely already known information on each Nokia features (bus & train, external playback, share contacts, etc.) included. Interesting but is a Windows Phone (Update) timeline, which is also part of this document.
The above graphic to be seen can be seen first of all that Windows Phone 7.8 will be released in any case before the next Windows Phone 8 updates. But it might even be considered the most pessimistic among us. However, beyond the last rectangle in the bottom row stab (right of "Windows Phone 7.8 refresh") in the eye. May be inferred from this that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be other version numbers refer to "Windows Phone 7.x". 
Accordingly, plans at least Nokia's own Windows phones to provide you with further updates, although they will not receive an update to Windows Phone 8th That this is not "just" app updates, can be derived from the separate identification of these as "Nokia Extras".
course we can not say how much can be built on this document. What is certain is that it comes from Nokia and the Finnish company would like to provide information to the course of Windows Phone updates in the past and for the future.

Updated release details:
"If the information really true that the update of the RTM status, then the update will not appear safe in the coming days, but all too far away it will not be. But even if the rolling out, will be quick to be the first devices to receive the update at the earliest probably in December and most will probably get Windows Phone 7.8 until next year. More likely, however, that the update until next year appears. In any case, we can not yet expect the update in November."

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