Windows phone 7.8 will be available for all Samsung windows phones

Earlier, We got a rumour that, Samsung Omnia W will not get Windows phone 7.8 update, which really made sad to most of the omnia w owners, especially me as I own this incredible device. But this week, it seems we got a confirmation on the OS update for all the Samsung Windows phones to WP 7.8. Please check the below paragraph stated by Samsung Italy, which was posted on

"We can confirm that our products carrying the Windows Phone version 7.5 , are updated the [version] 7.8 but will be made ??available with terms decided by Microsoft."

Even though this news makes the users happy, its a rumour and the manufacturer or Microsoft has never made any official announcements on this. Please note that, all the Windows phone 7.5 users are eagerly waiting for a longer time to get their update.

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