Redmi Note 5 - Coming soon to you - Leaked images in one place

Each and every day, the expectations for the much leaked and much awaited so-called Redmi Note 5 is increasing tremendously.

In recent times, we see some leaked photo or media shots getting shared on the web a lot and this has really increased smartphone users anticipation over this phone.

The main reason for this anticipation is the display. It is almost bezel-less 18:9 display at an affordable price.

Forget 16:9 aspect ratio and start welcoming or adapting to 18:9 display aspect ratio. Forget holding a giant 6-inch phone with two hands. These next-generation display will be taller for their new aspect ratio and also much lesser top, bottom and side bezels. Hence very compact to hold and use in one hand.

There are already a lot of phones with 18:9 display selling a mere $99 (Rs 6563 in Indian Rupees)  in banggood or gearbest sites. It's just that Xiaomi is also developing a phone of the same kind with their DNA.

In India, Xiaomi reached heights in a very short time with their amazing marketing strategy. The brand is already so famous for their quality and affordability. The brand is gaining trust among the people and it doesn't want to lose any opportunity. Recently Xiaomi announced Redmi 5A in India at an unbelievable price of 4999 Rs. The next release would be the note series which might launch in December first or second week in China. We can expect the same phone release in Jan next year in India.

Xiaomi teased the below two images recently and it might be Redmi 5, 5 plus. According to some rumors, the launch date might be Dec 7.

Apart from the above official teasers, we had to see lot of leaked images sourced from Google Images. We still not sure which one is real and which one is fake. We can only confirm after official launch which might happen very soon.

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